Washington County Farmers Market

About the Market

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The mission of the Washington County Farmers Market is to enrich our worksite community by providing access to in-season, affordable, locally grown and produced healthy food during a time and at location that is convenient for employees. We encourage healthy lifestyles and sustainability as well as support local growers and artisan food makers by providing them with direct marketing opportunities.

Goals of the Market:

  1. Promote health and wellness among employees and the community
  2. Encourage support for local farmers/businesses
  3. Long term sustainability
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Our market is always OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! Help us spread the word, tell your family and bring your friends.

When: Open all year, every Thursday (except for holidays) from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Where: South Courtyard, Public Services Building (155 N. First Ave. Hillsboro, OR)

Come down and check out the holidays goodies over the next few months. Debit and credit cards accepted, as well as WIC Vouchers. 

Don't forget to bring your re-usable bags!



Market Vendors - new local vendor!

Sweetrock Farm will be joining Greenville Farms at the weekly farmers market!

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Sweetrock Farm is a 3-acre organic-style permaculture farm in Helvetia with Swiss roots and Irish know-how. Owners Diane and Bob bake artisan Swiss bread and pastries in a farmhouse bakery, and grow medicinal and culinary herbs started in a hoophouse.  

Each week they will bring baked goods, including multiple kinds of Swiss-style specialty breads ranging from white to wheat to rye to sweet all made from local ingredients. Explore Swiss Breads by Canton. To learn more about Sweetrock Farm, visit their website at: www.sweetrockfarm.com.

Greenville Farms, a family-owned 45 acre farm outside of Forest Grove, about 25 miles outside of Portland.

Greenville Farms is a family-owned 45 acre farm outside of Forest Grove, producing more than 40 varieties of fruits and vegetables. The farm is also home to a large flock of free-range chickens providing beautiful eggs for the farm and market customers. Using sustainable farming practices to preserve their land and soil to provide farm fresh food for the community. To learn more about Greenville Farms, visit their website at: www.greenvillefarmsoregon.com.


Product Information, Ideas and Suggestions

Buying foods that are local and in-season is good for your health and your wallet! There are many products at the farmers market that aren't typically found at the grocery store. Why not try something new?

Check out the What's in season in Oregon? list and challenge yourself to try a new item each season!

Greenville Farms Rhubarb Kale Pretty in pink! Carrots of many colors from Greenville Farms. Produce from Greenville Farms

Looking for new ways to prepare your favorite fruit or vegetable? Fresh Food Revamp information below is designed to provide you with highlights, nutritional information, recipe suggestions and preservation ideas about new, diverse produce currently being sold at our market.

Additional Resources

Click images for helpful nutrition, food preservation, gardening, recipes and USDA information.

 Food Hero, an online resource for people who want to eat healthy meals. For beginners to cooking pros, recipes, tools and tips for everyone.    United States Department of Agriculture - Food & Nutrition Programs and Services  Donde la Comida Saludable es Rápida, Divertida, y Encaja en su Presupuesto

Oregon State University Extension Service: Food & Nutrition     Oregon State University Extension Service: Food Preservation     Oregon State University Extension Service: Gardening


Vendor Information

Greenville Farms at Washington County Farmers Market.

Now accepting vendor applications for 2014!

The Washington County Wellness Program is actively recruiting new vendors to expand the selection at our year-around market.

We believe in supporting local businesses and are focused on bringing fresh, local produce to employees. Because of this, there is NO FEE to sell at our market. Interested in joining our farmers market?

How to apply:

  1. Review the Vendor Handbook.
  2. Applications are reviewed and vendors are notified within a month of submission.

Questions or Comments?

Email us at EmployeeWellness@co.washington.or.us. Or, contact Wellness Program Coordinator, Julee Howard at (503) 846-8261.

Healthy Employees.  Healthy County.