Tobacco Cessation Resources

If You are a County Employee and Ready to Quit, Help is Available!

Washington County supports all employees in their desire to live a tobacco-free and smokefree lifestyle by:

  • Offering health plan benefits that include tobacco cessation coverage
  • Adopting the Washington County Smokefree Campus Policy

Tobacco Cessation Benefits

Did you know tobacco cessation is covered in full (100%, no deductible)* under your health plan? *Physician referral or prescription may be required.

To learn more, select your health plan below:

Oregon Tobacco Quitline

Anyone in Oregon can call the toll free QUITLINE at
(800) QUIT-NOW or (800) 784‐8669 or go to In addition to friendly, free tips and guidance on quitting tobacco use, participants may be eligible for free nicotine patches or gum.

Coping with Cravings While at Work

When a craving hits, find something to distract yourself until the feeling passes. Go for a walk, drink water, or have a healthy snack with you to munch on. For more tips on how to manage your nicotine cravings while in difficult situations, visit the American Cancer Society.

Smokefree Campus Policy

In an effort to reduce the harmful effects of secondhand smoke exposure and create a culture of tobacco-free and smokefree living, the Board of Commissioners adopted the Washington County Smokefree Campus Policy.

It is our hope that our employees and visitors will enjoy the health benefits of being in a smokefree environment. With this change we are pleased to be joining other jurisdictions in Oregon that have already enacted smokefree campuses.


Smokefree Campus FAQ

Washington County Wellness Program


The single best thing you can do to improve your health today, is to quit smoking.

Challenge yourself to improve your health!