Sick Child Leave

The Oregon Family Leave Act (OFLA) allows time off to any eligible employee whose child requires home care for an illness or injury that is not a serious health condition. Eligible employees include those that meet the OFLA eligibility requirements as defined under Washington County’s Family Medical Leave Policy.

Absences for sick child leave are counted towards the leave entitlements that are allowed to the employee under OFLA. However, the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) has no provision allowing an employee time off to care for a sick child with an illness that is not a serious health condition. Therefore, sick child leave is counted as OFLA leave only and will not deplete an employee’s FMLA entitlements even if the employee is FMLA-eligible. 


Examples of absences that qualify for Sick Child Leave:
  • Employee’s child suffers an illness or injury that does not require a doctors intervention but the employee must remain at home to care for the child.
  • You can also take OFLA protected time if your child’s school or childcare provider is closed due to a public health emergency, such as the COVID-19 pandemic school closures.


Examples of absences that do not qualify for Sick Child Leave:

  • Routine medical and dental appointments -- i.e., annual medical checkups, teeth cleaning, etc. (Employee may still use sick accruals for absences due to routine appointments.)
  • Baby-sitter fails to show up requiring parent to stay at home with child.
  • School is not in session due to weather-related or other reasons.
  • Time off to care for a child that has a condition that would be considered a "Serious health condition" as defined under the OFLA.


Use of Leave Accruals

  • Employee is required to use available sick leave accruals due to absences related to sick child leave.
  • If sick leave accruals are exhausted, employee is required to use administrative leave (if applicable), accrued vacation leave and floating holiday prior to going into unpaid leave.
  • Employee is not required but may elect to use compensatory time for absences due to sick child leave.


Time-keeping Process -- Elements

  • Employee is required to inform their supervisor that their absence is related to an illness or injury to their child.
  • For time-keeping and leave tracking purposes, employee will select ‘OFLA Leave Sick Child Paid' when completing their time sheets for absences due to sick child leave.
Medical Verification

Employees may be required to furnish medical verification after the third occurrence of sick child leave in a leave year.


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