Bereavement Leave

An employee is allowed up to three (3) workdays time off with pay for the death of an immediate family member. The Appointing Authority may approve an additional leave of two (2) workdays for necessary funeral travel time.

For the purposes of Washington County Bereavement Leave, immediate family is defined as an employee's;

  • child
  • spouse
  • spouse or spousal equivalent's children
  • parents
  • stepparents
  • sisters
  • brothers
  • grandparents
  • grandchildren
  • father-in-law
  • mother-in-law
  • brothers-in-law
  • sisters-in-law
  • sons-in-law
  • daughters-in-law


In certain circumstances, the Appointing Authority may allow:

  • Bereavement leave for an employee for the death of a person other than their immediate family
  • The use of accrued sick leave in addition to bereavement leave
  • Up to eight (8) hours of Bereavement leave to attend funeral services for a fellow County employee

For more information on how to start a leave request with UNUM click here.