Jury Duty and Witness Leave


Employee's will be granted Leave with Pay when required to report for jury duty or as a witness in cases in which the employee has no interest.

  • The employee must waive all witness fees or pay for jury duty, except mileage expense, unless the employee receives compensation while on an authorized leave of absence without pay.
  • County temporary or part-time employees will be granted jury or witness leave only if the jury or witness duty coincides with the employee's regularly scheduled hours.


Employee's required to report for jury duty or as a witness may be excused, with approval from the employee's supervisor, from appearing for the employee's normal shift on that work day if the jury duty or witness responsibility exceeds four (4) hours.

If jury duty or witness responsibilities continue for four (4) hours or less;

  • Employees on the day shift must report for the remainder of their work day.
  • Employees not on day shift will have the number of hours spent on jury or witness duty deducted from their normal shift on that work day and must report for the first remaining hours of their work shift.


Please reference 7.4.1 of the Personnel Rules and Regulations.