Security Awareness Training: Topic 3

Rules for Texting and Other Alternate Electronic Communications

The County recognizes that there are circumstances where texting is an efficient and effective business tool. As such, County employees may use text messaging in a manner that assures compliance with Public Record retention responsibilities in accordance with the County's Texting Policy.

Your mobile device (County issued or personal) must have the County's text messaging client installed if you are authorized to text any information that is subject to public records retention requirements, or other information related to County business (a) that is confidential, sensitive and/or protected part of the County's work, and (b) that is not otherwise documented, or can necessarily be documented, in separate public record. This client secures messages during transmission, retains the texts for 2 years, limits the life span of messages on the mobile device, and provides automatic retention service on a hosted server.

Please review the Texting Policy for acceptable and unacceptable texting examples.


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