Strategic Direction

Information Technology Services is focusing on a number of key technology directions.

New Web Architecture - The "remake" of Washington County's web site is more than a redesign; it is the platform for providing new technology services to the public and to County departments.

Document Imaging - County staff continues to deploy this technology to reduce the use of paper and manual processing for the County.  This technology incorporates workflow and allows staff to easily share information within and between departments.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) - The County has been using this technology to provide visual map information for all it's land related information.  ITS will continue to expand it's relationships both internally and externally to be able to share this critical land information.

Mobile Technology - ITS continues to expand the capability of allowing County staff to use a variety of mobility tools.  This includes Blackberries, laptops and remote access to one's office PC.  Staff can also access their e-mail via a web browser.  All mobility methods use a secure environment to ensure County information is not jeopardized.

Business Continuity Planning - ITS has developed plans and processes to allow County departments to continue to utilize technology in the event of minor and major outage.  Part of the strategy is to utilize an alternate data center that is located about three miles away from the main data center but is connected via high speed fiber. Redundancy is being developed using blade servers, virtualization and SAN storage.  In addition, ITS works with County departments to develop their own contingency plans to allow them to continue to provide services, even if access to technology is reduced for a period of time.