Oregon Procurement Information Network

The ORegon Procurement Information Network (ORPIN) website,  http://orpin.oregon.gov/ provides access to procurement and contracting information issued by the State of Oregon, local governments, and political subdivisions. You may browse the site as an anonymous user and see summary information. If you wish to view or download the entire solicitation, you will need register as a supplier.

To view Washington County opportunities on ORPIN, go to the website and select "Browse" from the side bar.  Next, choose "Browse Opportunities" and then click on "By Organization."  Click on the "Search" button and scroll to the bottom of the list to "Washington County."

The ORPIN website has a listing of our current solicitations and bid opening results. Postings for County road projects and other construction projects may have the legal ad only, but will include contact information for ordering the plans and drawings.  

To receive County solicitation packets, download the documents from the ORPIN website.