Washington County recognized by Oregon Public Risk Management Association

For Immediate Release: Thursday, October 18, 2018

Sponsored by: Support Services Department, Risk Management Division

Washington County was recently recognized by the Oregon Public Risk Management Association (OR-PRiMA) with their 2018 Risk Management Achievement Award. The County was acknowledged for excellence in the risk management field for the creation of a 24-hour Injury Call Center for staff who are injured on the job. The Call Center was established to document all injuries and to ensure that employees receive appropriate medical advice and treatment.

The County chose CorVel Corporation to provide this service which allows injured workers to speak directly, at any time of the day or night, with a nurse who can either guide first aid care or confirm the need to seek additional medical treatment. According to the County's Risk Manager, Eva LaBonte, since it was implemented in 2016, the program has fielded over 250 incidents and total Workers' Compensation claim costs have gone down 31%. "We couldn't be happier with this program. Not only does it allow us to document incidents and get immediate help for employees but it has also identified areas where we can focus on prevention to avoid problems in the future. We're saving money and enhancing the safety of our workforce which is definitely a win-win," said LaBonte.

Washington County Risk Management is a division of the Support Services Department whose overall mission is to provide innovative, excellent and cost-effective services that support County operations and administration, which all contribute to a healthy, safe and sustainable community for Washington County residents.

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Julie McCloud, Public Affairs & Communications Coordinator