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ARRA Stimulus Grant

The Obama Administration committed to investing $3.2 billion in energy projects in U.S. cities, counties, states, territories, and with Native American tribes. The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant program (EECBG), funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), provides formula grants for projects that reduce total energy use and fossil fuel emissions, and improve energy efficiency nationwide. Funding is based on a formula that accounts for population and energy use. 

Washington County received an award notification allocating close to $2.6 million dollars to implement energy projects deemed eligible by the U.S. Department of Energy. Our projects included energy efficiency retrofits on County buildings, bike and pedestrian trail development, installation of a rooftop solar array on the Public Services Building, and an evaluation of land use and building codes to identify barriers to energy efficient and sustainable development. The final project, known as "Greening the Code," resulted in a priority list of code revisions, outreach strategies, and improved processes to support sustainable building activities.  

All ARRA-funded projects were completed by the end of 2012. A detailed breakdown of the EECBG funding by state, county, city and tribal government can be found at  

A 70 kW thin film solar array was installed on Washington County's Public Services Building with ARRA funding.
Solar array on PSB