Energy Conservation Campaign

Sustainability is a Priority for Washington County

The County's sustainability practices are designed to produce measurable results, provide long-term benefits and improve efficiency of operations. Disciplined thoughtful steps that are in the best interest of the organization and community are taken - now and in the future. Additionally, the Sustainability Resolution and Order adopted by the Board of Commissioners in 2009 has prioritized energy conservation.

Everyone's Efforts Make a Difference!

When it comes to energy conservation, everyone's efforts make a difference. Together we have the power to save. The County's Sustainability Plan includes a building energy reduction goal of 20% by 2018; this could potentially result in up to $400,000 cumulative savings on energy bills. Around 10-15% of building energy use is directly impacted by occupant behavior. 

How to Use the Energy Conservation Toolkit (Printable Version)

The Energy Conservation Toolkit is an invitation for Washington County staff and leadership to explore steps they can take to contribute to energy conservation. It is designed to help initiate workplace dialogue and actions aimed at increasing energy efficiency. Guided by a discussion leader, key learning points are set up into short, three to five minute discussion topics for staff to engage with during meetings. Discussion leaders are encouraged to be creative and promote dialogue while strengthening and supporting energy efficiency practices at the County. The Toolkit also stimulates an ongoing dialogue that highlights the important role staff plays in helping the County reach our sustainability and energy reduction goals.

Appendices - Policies and Procedures

I. Washington County Board of County Commissioners' 2009 Resolution and Order Approving the County's Commitment to Sustainability

II. Washington County Sustainability Plan

III. Sustainable Meeting Guidelines

IV. Sustainable Purchasing Guidelines

V. Sustainable Purchasing Administrative Policy

VI. Re-Use Store Guide

VII. Move The Power Strip Campaign

VIII. Space Heater Policy

IX. HVAC 101

Energy Conservation Staff Training

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