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Sustainability Liaisons

Washington County Sustainability Liaisons

Washington County is advancing sustainable practices in day-to-day operations. The County is reaching staff with current sustainability information and best practices through education, outreach and special activities. Each County department has at least one Sustainability Liaison who serves as a conduit of information between departments and the Sustainability Program. When this "Green Team" formed, the Liaisons assisted departments in developing their own individual sustainability plans with initiatives specific to their work units. The Liaisons continue to provide feedback on current practices, offer new ideas, and take on projects to further the County's sustainability actions.

The County's "Lights Out" campaign reminds everyone to turn off lights when leaving.

The following departments have Sustainability Liaisons:

  • Assessment and Taxation
  • Community Corrections
  • Community Development
  • Cooperative Library Services
  • County Administrative Office
  • County Counsel
  • District Attorney
  • Health and Human Services
  • Housing Services
  • Juvenile Services
  • Land Use and Transportation
  • Law Library
  • Sheriff's Office 
  • Support Services

If you have any questions about the Sustainability Liaisons, send an email to