Pictures of 3 volunteerWashington County fosters a sense of volunteerism by providing many opportunities for people to get involved through service and action that will preserve and improve the quality of life within our communities.      

Through volunteering, individuals can enrich their own lives and the lives of their fellow community members by sharing the valuable and precious resources of time and talent.  Volunteers can make a commitment to "give back" through service with a variety of County departments, through participation on an appointed board, committee, or commission.  Serving as a Washington County volunteer is a great way to participate in meaningful work that will impact your community while allowing you the opportunity to learn more about how your local government works!

At the government level, many advisory opportunities exist to serve on the County's appointed boards, committees and commissions.

Many additional volunteering opportunities exist with our departments and community programs.  For a list of these opportunities, view the following links:

Circuit Court
Citizen Review Board (Citizen voice on the safety, stability and supervision of children in foster care)

Clean Water Services
Get Involved
Tree For All
Mark Your Neighborhood Storm Drains

Community Engagement
Community Participation Organizations (CPOs)

District Attorney's Office
Victim Assistance Volunteer Program

Emergency Management
Office of Emergency Management - Get Involved

Fairgrounds (now known as Westside Commons)
Jobs and Volunteer Opportunities

Health & Human Services
Disability, Aging & Veteran's Services
Medical Reserve Corps
Bonnie L Hays Small Animal Shelter
Bonnie L. Hays Volunteer Program
Master Recycler

Juvenile Department
Graduate Internships in Counseling, Social Work and Art Therapy
STEP Mentoring Program
Project Hope Therapy Animal Teams

Land Use & Transportation
Adopt-a-Road Program
Neighborhood Streets Program
Rural Roads Operations and Maintenance Advisory Committee (RROMAC)
Urban Road Maintenance District Advisory Committee (URMDAC)

Cooperative Library Services 

Sheriff's Office
Home Page
Canine Crisis Response Team
Citizen Academy
Citizen Involvement
Elder Safe Program
ESPD Advisory Committee
Explorer Post
Reserves Program
Search and Rescue
Sheriff's Office Foundation
Volunteer Programs

Westside Commons (formerly called the Fairgrounds)
Jobs and Volunteer Opportunities

Additional Volunteer Resources
Volunteer Form
Volunteers of America - Oregon