Success Stories

Washington County prides itself on having highly talented volunteers.  Periodically we will highlight members of our volunteer community, and present their stories.


Our highlighted volunteer, Jeannette Houston, is a member of the volunteer staff at the Bonnie Hays Animal Shelter, in our Animal Services Division of Health & Human Services.
Jeannette has been described as an  inspirer, a ray of hope, and a helper. Whatever your definition of a volunteer is, Jeannette Houston fits the description. Since 2001, Jeannette has consistently given her best to help the animals in our community. As a helper, she counseled adopters when they were trying to choose their new four-footed friend for life. Throughout her years of service she has also been an inspirer. Jeannette has fostered many dogs that needed a caring home in which to recover or rehabilitate.
Jeannette now conducts post-adoption calls to our adopters. If you adopt a pet from our shelter, she'll call you to ask how your new pet is adjusting to your home. With lots of encouragement and great information on how to resolve problem pet behaviors, she is a ray of hope. 
You too can join our volunteer team and become a ray of hope to the animals. For more information on Volunteer Opportunities at the Bonnie Hays animal shelter, visit their volunteer information page.