Cooper - Bull Mountain

Ground water from the basalt aquifer within the Cooper-Bull Mountain Critical Ground Water Area is restricted to single family domestic and stock water purposes on tracts not less than 10 acres in area.

Ground water appropriations for stock shall be piped to water in tanks or troughs, equipped with control works and operated to prevent the overflow and waste of ground water. If located within the area shown on Plate 2, Page No. 43 of the Order, as having had less than 20 feet of decline in static water levels, domestic use may include irrigation of up to 1/4 acre of noncommercial lawn and garden. In the event that the water in the well declines 20 feet or more from the original static water level, then the uses shall be restricted to domestic (household purposes) and stock water use only. Ground water appropriated for domestic purposes shall be limited to that which can be beneficially used and not exceeding one acre-foot (325,850 gallons) per year.