FAQ - Watermaster


I have questions about my water bill; I want to hook up to get water service so who do I contact?

The answer to this question depends on where you live. If you live within one of the cities listed below, that's the number to call. If you live outside the city limits, you may be within the boundaries of Tualatin Valley Water District.

Banks: 503.324.6674
Beaverton: 503.526.2257
Cornelius: 503.357.9112
Forest Grove:   503.359.3221
Gaston:   503.985.3340
Hillsboro: 503.681.6163
LA Water Co-op:   503.662.3899
Laurelwood Wtr Users: 503.985.3135
North Plains:   503.647.5555
Portland:   503.823.7770
Sherwood:   503.625.5522
Tigard:   503.639.4171
Tualatin:   503.692.2000
Tualatin Valley Wtr Dist: 503.642.1511
(serves Aloha, Cooper Mountain, Rock Creek, Cedar Hills, Helvetia,
Metzger, Garden Home, Progress and some parts of Tigard)
Wilsonville: 503.682.1011


I plan to sell my property and the realtor said I need to have my well water tested. What do I need to do to complete the transaction?

The Department of Human Services, Drinking Water Program has a Frequently Asked Questions website that addresses the requirement that your domestic well be tested prior to a real estate transaction.

I want to have the water in my well tested for quality. Who do I call?

The following are labs within the local area that will test your water for quality. For additional water quality information, contact the Washington County Health Department at 503.846.8722.

Alexin Analytical: 503.639.9311
TestAmerica: 503.906.9200
Pyxis Laboratories: 503.254.1794

Water Rights

I have a small creek/stream running through my property. Can I pump out of it to irrigate my lawn?

No, not without a valid water right issued by the Oregon Water Resources Department. The Tualatin Basin is closed for any additional surface water permits.

I just have a small lawn and a little garden. Do I need water rights to irrigate from my well?

Oregon law allows the irrigation of up to 1/2 acre lawn or non-commercial garden if the source is ground water. However, there may be restrictions on this use if your property is within a ground water management area, such as the Cooper-Bull Mountain Critical Ground Water Area. Please contact us to determine if your property is located in one of these special management areas.

I want to build a small pond on my property. Do I need a water right?

In most cases, yes, you would need to apply for a water right. Small, off-channel ponds can be applied for under an Alternate Review Process that is generally faster and less expensive than the standard reservoir application. To download application forms, please visit the Oregon Water Resources Department website.

I'm purchasing or selling a piece of property. Do I have water rights?

All legally established water rights are on record with the Oregon Water Resources Department. You may contact our office for information on a specific piece of property or search our interactive water rights mapping application.