Aloha Tomorrow Implementation

Contact: Suzanne Savin, Senior Planner | 503-846-3963

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In 2017, the Aloha Tomorrow (AT) study analyzed how land use changes and transportation improvements could be integrated to support the community’s vision for a vibrant town center in the area near TV Highway and 185th Avenue. The AT study provided recommendations for land use actions Washington County could take to support the creation of a vibrant town center that is walkable and livable, has community gathering places, retains affordable housing and commercial space, and is both attractive and distinctively Aloha. 

Specifically, the AT Study recommended:

  • Creation of two new land use districts in the area near TV Highway and 185th Avenue
  • Expansion of the areas where a mix of uses is allowed and/or encouraged
  • Updated development standards to make the area more pedestrian-friendly and transit oriented

The Aloha Tomorrow land use ordinance will implement these land use related recommendations through proposed amendments to the Community Development Code and/or the Aloha-Reedville-Cooper Mountain Community Plan.  A subsequent ordinance and other possible actions will focus on the implementation of transportation recommendations from the AT study.


Proposed amendments to implement the land use recommendations were shared at a public open house event (see below).  Feedback from the public may be used to refine the amendments.  


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Public Events

Aloha Community Planning Open House photoAloha Community Planning Open House
April 3, Washington County Long Range Planning hosted an open house at the Aloha Grange to obtain public feedback on the proposed Aloha Tomorrow ordinance.

Please use the comment box at the bottom of the page to submit comments or ask a question about the following posters that were displayed at the April 3 open house:

All Posters

  1. Aloha Tomorrow Study (2017)
  2. Aloha Tomorrow Study Area
  3. Aloha Tomorrow Study Land Use Recommendations
  4. New Land Use Districts
  5. New Land Use Districts – Town Center Core
  6. New Land Use Districts – Neighborhood Mixed-Use
  7. New Development Standards
  8. Building Setbacks, Entrances and Parking
  9. Building Façade Features
  10. Building Transparency and Weather Protection
  11. Off-street Pedestrian Connections and Exempt “Small” Commercial Uses from Off-street Parking Minimums
  12. Limit or Prohibit New Drive-thru Uses
  13. Limit or Prohibit New Pole Signs
  14. Ordinance Key Dates
  15. Provide Feedback


Public Testimony

Ordinance No. 857, Aloha Tomorrow Implementation was filed June 19, 2019. Testimony submitted after filing is a statement made to decisionmakers (the Planning Commission and Board of Commissioners) regarding the filed ordinance, and will appear in the official ordinance record.

To provide written testimony regarding this proposed ordinance, you must include the author(s)' name, address, and phone number and submit via: emailfax or U.S. Mail: Washington County, Long Range Planning Division 155 N. First Ave., Suite 350, MS14, Hillsboro, OR 97124-3072. 


Additional Resources

See the 2019 Land Use Ordinance page or the  2018 Land Use Ordinance page for a list of hearing dates, times, and materials for all land use ordinances filed or adopted in each ordinance season.