Community Participation Organization (CPO) Program

Part of Washington County's mission is to encourage meaningful participation in community activities and County governance. As an important piece of the County's Community Engagement Program, the CPO Program plays a large role in fulfilling this mission.

For over 40 years, the program has provided residents the opportunity to contribute to the decision-making process of local and county government through regional organizations called "Community Participation Organizations". Most people know them as "CPOs".

What are CPOs?

CPOs are organizations led by volunteers elected by members of the communities they serve. CPOs encourage and empower public involvement by providing a place for community members to: 

  • Come together to learn about and discuss issues in a comfortable forum. 

  • Get unbiased information about issues relating to local and County services for transportation, parks and trails, housing and business developments, public health, safety, emergency planning, schools, libraries and other matters affecting the livability of their community. 

  • Interact with decision makers including local government and agency representatives, elected officials, and community leaders. 

  • Engage as a group in an advisory role to the Washington County Board of Commissioners.


How to Reach Us

See the CPO Directory for contact information for active CPOs and Community Engagement Program staff.


CPO 12F Kick Off Event: Helping Families Thrive! June 27, 6 pm
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