Community Participation Organizations

Neighbors work together to make great communities!

For over 40 years, Community Participation Organizations have provided Washington County residents with the opportunity to contribute to the decision-making process of local and county government. These organizations are known as "CPOs". The CPO Program is an important piece of the County's Community Engagement Program.

What are CPOs?

CPOs are organizations led by volunteers elected by members of the communities they serve. CPOs encourage and empower public involvement by providing a place for community members to: 

  • Come together to learn about and discuss issues in a comfortable forum. 

  • Get unbiased information about issues relating to local and County services for transportation, parks and trails, housing and business developments, public health, safety, emergency planning, schools, libraries and other matters affecting the livability of their community. 

  • Interact with decision makers including local government and agency representatives, elected officials, and community leaders. 

  • Engage as a group in an advisory role to the Washington County Board of Commissioners.


News, Events, Highlights 

Apply now for boards, commissions and committees! Applications are being accepted for the 2018-19 Project. Apply today! Amanda Garcia-Snell is the new CPO Manager. Homelessness Forum generates a lot of interest across the county. Peggy Harris receives Harold Haynes Award for years of service. CCI and CPOs provide a setting for community members to meet their candidates.


CPO 12F Kick Off - Commissioner Terry talking to community members.

It's official. CPO 12F is back!

At their first meeting in more than 17 years, CPO 12F did what CPOs do best. They brought the experts, the info and the discussion to the community!

The CPO 12F Kick Off event, hosted by community volunteers, provided attendees with information about their schools, first responders, mental health services, and the struggles and challenges our youth are facing today. Read full story.


See news article in Forest Grove News Times.


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