Community Involvement & CPOs

Washington County’s mission includes encouraging meaningful participation in community activities and county governance. To help achieve this part of the county’s mission, the public is encouraged to get involved in a wide spectrum of public engagement opportunities.

Community Participation Organizations (CPOs) – Washington County’s community involvement program provides residents with the opportunity to contribute to the decision-making process of county government and to learn about ways of improving the quality of life in communities throughout the county. Look for an active CPO near you.

Civic Leaders and Capacity Building This  This project provides a series of trainings that take place over a five-week period focusing on ways of involving historically under-represented communities within Washington County. The project is intended to improve understanding of County government structures and the rights of community members to participate in decisions that may impact their lives.

Boards and Commissions – Serving on an appointed board, committee or commission is a great way to participate in decisions that affect you and to learn more about how your local government works.

Westside Voices Web Panel – Join this online panel to receive periodic emails inviting you to share your point of view on topics that affect the communities of Washington County.

Volunteer Opportunities – Make a commitment to "give back" to your community through volunteer service with a variety of county departments.

Cities and Special Districts in Washington County – Find public engagement and volunteer opportunities with your city government or special district.