Sex Offender Notification

sanders small 2015
NAME: Benjamin Franklin Sanders
  Height: 5'9"
  Weight: 190
  Hair: Brown
  Eyes: Brown
  DOB: 09/26/1953
260 SW Walnut
Hillsboro OR 97123

  Vehicle: Public transportation

Legal Staus/Convictions

On community supervision until 3/30/18 after being convicted of Sodomy I which occurred 1/22/98 and involved Mr. Sanders and a co-defendant sexually assaulting a prostitute and Attempted Sex Abuse III which occurred 7/4/09 and involved an elderly female who resided in the same residence with Mr. Sanders. Mr. Sanders was just recently designated predatory and eligible for community notification due to his recent offense and after having a hearing with the Parole Board.

Special Conditions of Probation/Parole/Post-Prison Supervision:

Mr. Sanders is not allowed to have contact with minors or be present more than one time where minors regularly congregate. In addition, Mr. Sanders is not allowed to use or possess alcohol, drugs or pornographic material of any kind. Mr. Sanders should not go to places where drugs are known to be used, kept, manufactured or sold and should not associate with known drug users outside of a treatment setting. He is required to attend sex offender treatment, report to the probation office and take random urinalysis tests. Sanders should not associate with or be in a care-taking role or position of authority over persons with developmental or physical disabilities without prior approval from his supervising officer. Mr. Sanders should not have contact with his victims or co-defendant.

Prior Convictions:

Mr. Sanders' prior convictions occurred while he resided in Oregon. In 1974, Mr. Sanders was convicted of Sex Abuse I and Robbery I. In 1977, he was convicted of Burglary I and Attempted Rape I.

Target Population:

Adult and elderly women.


After hours emergency 503-846-4300
Parole Officer: Jennifer Snyder @ 503 846-4570
150 N First Avenue, Suite 200, Hillsboro OR 97124