Probation and Parole

The Probation and Parole Division supervises approximately 4100 justice involved individuals. The division is divided into specialized teams, each providing services to a specific population. There is specialized supervision for sex crimes, domestic violence, substance abuse, individuals with serious and persistent mental illness, women, and Spanish speakers. This organizational structure allows the department to focus expertise and resources where they are needed most. 

Supervision services assist in holding justice involved individuals accountable to the conditions of their supervision, while supporting their efforts to live successfully in the community.  There is emphasis on engaging participants in activities that, according to research, reduce criminal behavior.  These include finding and retaining employment, actively participating in treatment and skill building programs, and developing a system of community supports that reinforces long-term stability.

In order to make efficient use of its resources, the Department has created three levels of supervision: Level I, Level II, and case bank. Higher risk justice involved individuals receive Level I supervision which requires regular face-to-face contact and participation in treatment. Home visits and drug screening are done as necessary. Lower risk individuals may be assigned to Level II which, in most cases, requires only quarterly contact with the Probation and Parole Officer. A willingness and ability to abide by the conditions of supervision is required to remain on Level II. The final level of supervision is called case bank.  Case bank participants are not required to report to their Probation and Parole Officer. The officer instead monitors progress through file reviews, looking at things like court accounting and treatment reports. A participant earns their way to case bank by complying with supervision conditions and staying out of trouble.