Business Recycling Requirements

All businesses within Washington County, except those within the cities of Banks and North Plains, are required to collect for recycling all recyclable paper, cardboard and containers (download the Business Recycling Guide for details). The Business Recycling Requirements have been in effect since February 2010.

Mixed Recycling posterAbout the requirements

Businesses are required to:

  1. Place recycling receptacles throughout the workplace.

  2. Post signs at collection areas that identify materials to be recycled.

  3. Recycle all recyclable paper, cardboard and containers (metal cans, plastic bottles and tubs, and glass bottles and jars)

These requirements apply to businesses, schools, public agencies, non-profit organizations as well as property management firms with business tenants.

All Washington County businesses with dumpster or cart-based garbage service have access to recycling collection service at no additional charge, with the exception of businesses in Forest Grove.

Free assistance and tools are available

Our Green Business Advisors are available to help all businesses in Cornelius, Durham, Forest Grove, Hillsboro, King City, Sherwood, Tigard, Tualatin and unincorporated Washington County meet the Business Recycling Requirements. We offer the following support at no charge:

  • Posters and signs

  • Customized on-site assistance

  • Recycling bins for businesses interested in implementing new waste reduction practices

More information

  • Business Recycling Requirements in Washington County Code

  • Businesses located within a city should contact their city office for more information regarding the specific Business Recycling Requirements of that city

  • Request assistance for your business to meet the Business Recycling Requirements