How Food Scraps Collection Works

How Food Scraps Collection Works

What goes in

All food scraps – including meat, bones, dairy, fruit and vegetable trimmings, grains, cooked food, rotten food, plate scrapings, tea and coffee grounds. In addition, BPI-certified compostable liner bags are allowed in order to help keep bins clean.

What doesn't go in

Nothing besides food. No napkins, pizza boxes, "compostable" or "biodegradable" serviceware, gloves, straws, or other garbage. The only thing allowed in besides food is BPI-certified compostable liner bags.

How to keep your bins clean and avoid odors

If your business hasn't had issues with odors or vectors in the past, it's unlikely that you will now by simply separating food scraps from the garbage. Here are some recommendations to ensure your bins stay free of nuisances:

  1. Use a liner on your indoor containers (more info below)
  2. Take out the food scraps at least once a day
  3. Store your bins in a shaded area with the lids closed
  4. Make sure your bins are getting picked up often enough
  5. Rinse or wash containers regularly
  6. Ask your hauler to swap out your food scraps bins annually (there may be a fee)

How to use liners

Keep your internal bins clean by lining them with Biodegradable Products Institute-certified compostable bags. Not only do these special liners keep your bins cleaner, they make it easier to take out your food scraps. These bags are available through your food service and supplies vendor or a local restaurant supply store.

Please note: BPI-certified compostable bags are the only item allowed in the food scraps collection besides food.

If you do not want to use compostable bags, there are other options for liners. Talk to a Green Business Advisor for more ideas.

What it costs

How much the service costs depends on how much food waste your business generates and your current garbage service. A Green Business Advisor can offer free consultation to help you implement a food scraps collection program while minimizing costs. We can also provide your business with free staff training, indoor collection containers, signs and labels.

How to reduce waste and save money

There may be opportunities to reduce waste and save money on your garbage bill at the same time. Our Green Business Advisors can help track the volume of garbage and food scraps in your outside bins to make sure you're paying for the right amount of service. The appropriate pickup frequency and size of container can lead to cost savings.

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