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Notice: The Solid Waste & Recycling division’s service hours are Monday-Friday from 8:00am until 5:00pm.  Community members, businesses, and property managers are encouraged to contact us by calling 503-846-3605 or emailing to ask a question or schedule an appointment for in-person services.  Thank you.


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Green Business Leaders

blue office recycle binWe're here to help your business become more sustainable. Through the Green Business Leaders service, your business will receive:

  • Fresh ideas for engaging employees on waste prevention, recycling and composting.
  • Free supplies, such as recycling and composting bins, bags and signs.
  • Assistance setting up new or improved recycling and composting systems.
  • Staff training.
  • Access to a Green Business Advisor, an expert coach dedicated to helping you meet your environmental goals.

Need help going green?

Our Green Business Advisors are ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work making your business more sustainable. Simply complete the form below and we'll pair you with a coach in no time.

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Recycle at WorkKeep it Simple

We make it easy to recycle at work! Recycling saves natural resources, prevents pollution and helps build a stronger economy. Businesses in Washington County are required to recycle because they play a critical role in reducing the amount of material we throw out.

Business compost food waste section

Food is greater than garbage! Simply tossing out food is a major missed opportunity. There are enormous environmental and economic benefits if we handle our food waste and leftovers a little differently.

Compost. By separating food scraps for composting instead of putting them in the garbage, your business saves a valuable resource from going to waste. Food scraps collected from Washington County restaurants, grocery stores and other food businesses are turned into renewable energy to power homes and businesses, and compost for local gardens and farms.

Train staff to compost in three easy stepsDownload the 1-2-3 poster.

Compost and recycling training for commercial kitchens. This 3-minute video teaches kitchen staff:

  • What can and cannot go in recycling and compost bins.
  • How to safely lift heavy compost bags and containers.
  • The importance of keeping containers clean.

Business food scraps requirement. Starting in March 2023, some businesses in Washington County will be required to separate their food scraps from garbage. Learn more about how to set up a food scraps collection program at your business and check out the business food scraps requirement frequently asked questions (FAQs) page

Request assistance today for free tools and training to help you meet this requirement!

Reduce food waste

Reduce food wasteStopping food waste before it begins has the greatest impact, because the majority of food's environmental footprint is created before it even reaches your kitchen. 

Track & identify your food waste. When you see what gets tossed – from both back of house and front – you may see opportunities to make small changes to your planning, purchasing and production. These small changes can add up to big savings, on prep time as well as food costs.

Food Waste Stops With Me - Regional food waste prevention tools:

Prevent. Stopping food waste before it begins has the greatest impact, because the majority of food's environmental footprint is created before it even reaches your kitchen. While you know your operations best, Washington County can help conduct a waste assessment to show you how much food ends up in the garbage. Read about how your peers prevent food waste.

Donate. Donating food in any amount helps your business waste less while supporting community members in need. Over 64,000 people in Washington County are food insecure, meaning they don't know where their next meal is coming from. We can connect you with a food donation recipient and set up a simple food rescue program.

Request assistance today and you will be paired with a Green Business Advisor who can provide free tools and help you set up systems that are effective at reducing food waste.

Green Business Award

Green Business AwardYou've done the work to make your business more sustainable. Now get the recognition you deserve by becoming a certified Green Business Leader!

Simply download and complete the application for either food service sector or office/retail sector. We'll follow up with a site visit to verify the information you provided. Once certified, you'll receive a plaque of recognition and can start spreading the word! Looking for more sustainability inspiration? Download the list of additional practices your business can receive points for when applying.

Check out the growing list of businesses that are committed to a healthy, sustainable Washington County.

Formas en español: Descargar la forma de solicitud de la certificación Empresa Verde para la Industria de alimentos, para Oficinas y sector minorista y La lista de prácticas adicionales.


Certification benefitsGreen Business Award

  • Use of the Green Business Leaders certification logo in your marketing materials
  • A Green Business Leaders window decal
  • Social media announcement by Solid Waste & Recycling
  • Listing in our online Green Business Directory
  • Listings in publications
  • Engraved plaque made in Oregon by Resource Revival
  • Announcement in the Green Business Leaders e-news bulletin

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Green Business Certification| Certificación de Empresa Verde

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