Divorce Mediation and Conciliation Services


Parties that are court ordered to mediation must attend at least one mediation session.  Before the required mediation is scheduled, parties must attend MEDIATION ORIENTATION.  Two hours are scheduled for each of these sessions.  Registration is required to attend mediation orientation and you are each expected to register online.  If you need special assistance or have questions, contact us at (503) 846-3428 or e-mail conciliation_services@co.washington.or.us.
To successfully schedule for mediation orientation follow the next steps:
  1. Coordinate with Mediating Partner to select a Mediation Orientation date. Per the court order parties are expected to complete the same orientation; and each party must register themselves for the choosen date. Please coordinate with the other party to select the date of the Mediation Orientation, unless there is an order preventing contact. The link below will let you know which dates are available. 

  2. Schedule orientation online by clicking the link below. You will be redirected to our scheduling page and be asked to complete your registration online. Then, you will receive an e-mailed confirmation with all the details of your appointment and your name on it, keep it for your records. Do not forward to the other party, as it may give a false impression that they too are registered. 

  3. After you are scheduled, please complete the required Mediation Paperwork. The paperwork is linked below so you may complete, when completing paperwork please answer each question to the best of your knowledge. Send via e-mail to conciliation_services@co.washington.or.us or fax to (503)846-3753. Please submit no later than 7 business days prior to your orientation. If the paperwork is received via e-mail, we will respond promptly to confirming it has been received. If you are faxing the paperwork, include both sides of all the documents. If you want to confirm that we have received your paperwork, you can e-mail us to inquire.

 Schedule Orientation Date / Programar Fecha de Orientación

Conciliation Services       

Conciliation ServicesConciliation Services

Conciliation Services
Schedule Orientation Date / Programar Fecha de Orientación

Click link for electronic forms:
Mediation Paperwork (*e-form COMING SOON)
Mediation Paperwork (Español)(forma electronica PRÓXIMAMENTE)

Click link to print-out:
Mediation Paperwork (print-out) 
Mediation Paperwork (Español)(para imprimir)

It is important to know:
  • Mediation orientation is an information session to prepare you for mediation, it is conducted in a classroom-like setting.
  • If you arrive late you may need to re-register for another orientation session.
  • No children or support people will be allowed in the orientation (support people may wait in the lobby).
  • After the Mediation Orientation you will be scheduling a mediation appointment. There are mediation slots (based on availability) after Monday orientation.
  • Both the mediation orientation and the first required mediation session are free.  A second mediation session is free if both parties agree to attend. Mediation services after the first two free session cost $80.00.
  • Mediation is confidential.


If you DO NOT have an active open domestic relations case, you may utilize mediation services on a voluntary basis. 

It is important to know:

  • Residents are eligible if one or both parents with minor children live in Washington County.
  • Parties must JOINTLY AGREE to participate, before a mediation session can be scheduled.
  • Mediation is confidential.
  • To check for availability and schedule an appointment e-mail conciliation services at conciliation_services@co.washington.or.us and include your name, case number (if you have had a case previously and it is now closed).


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E-mail: Conciliation Services (Mediation Paperwork)
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