Public Records Requests

Welcome to Washington County’s public records request page. We ask that you first create an account in the Washington County Public Records Center, then pursue your request for records of the Sheriff’s Office or the full Washington County organization or both. Once your account has been created and your request has been submitted, we will communicate with you to better understand the scope of your request and whether payment is required.

Where can I find records for free, without using the Washington County Public Records Center?
It is possible that the records you are requesting have already been published free of charge elsewhere on the county webpage. Use the search engine in the upper right corner of our page to identify the records you are looking for. You can also contact departments directly using the contact information provided at the bottom of each Washington County webpage. 

Records Request Policy and Procedure
Washington County is committed to ensuring that all requests for public records are handled consistent with applicable public records laws while minimizing the impact of request processing on County workload and resources. You can find our policy and procedures at the links below.