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Services Search Tips

The information on this page applies to the Services Keyword Search.

Note: The Washington County Services Keyword Search is only for looking up County services by keyword--it is not a site search for the County web site.

There are a few different ways to look for County services:

  1. Services (keyword) search
  2. Services alphabetical listing
  3. Services by Department
  4. Navigating the County web site

County Services (keyword) search
The keyword search will allow you to enter whole words, parts of words, and phrases. You do not need to enter a wildcard character for partial word or phrase searches. The search function will accept Spanish partial words, whole words, and phrases when the site language is switched to Spanish.

The following table shows examples of common usage:
Example Search result
crime,report crime or report
board of commissioners records the phrase: board of commissioners records
animal Animal, Animal Cruelty , Animal Services , or Animal Shelter
adopt AND road adopt and road in the same record
adopt OR road adoption, adopt-a-road,, road projects, or road service
adopt NOT road adoption, but not adopt-a-road,, road projects, road service

There is a helper operator in the event you don't know the spelling of the service.
Operator Description Example
TYPO/N Expands the search to include the word that you enter plus words that are similar to the query term. This operator performs "approximate pattern matching" to identify similar words. The optional N variable in the operator name expresses the maximum number of errors between the query term and a matched term, a value called the error distance. If N is not specified, the default error distance is 2. <TYPO/1> swept retrieves kept.

Services alphabetical listing
The alphabetical listing simply shows all of the County services from A to Z in a long list. There is a service name index near the top of the page. Click on the letter of the alphabet that would correspond with the first letter of the service. For instance: clicking on the letter "L", brings you down to  the services that start with the letter "L".

Click on any of the service names to be taken to a page about the service. The list is also available in Spanish.

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Abbreviated list of County and Community Services