Traffic Safety Unit

Traffic Safety is High Priority

The Sheriff's Office Traffic Safety Unit is dedicated to promoting and improving traffic safety through education, analysis, and enforcement. 

 traffic team photo

Members are assigned to units including the Motorcycle Team, Traffic Cars, and the Motor Carrier Team. The Traffic Safety Unit also utilizes a Speed Monitoring Awareness Radar Trailer (SMART). Additionally, the unit participates in various other assignments including the Crash Analysis Reconstruction Team, Drug Recognition Experts, and the Multi-Agency Traffic Team.


Deputies who are assigned as motorcycle deputies focus on moving traffic violations with the goal of preventing crashes. Motorcycles are able to navigate traffic easier than patrol cars and can see more violations, such as driver's texting or talking on their cell phones since the rider sits more upright and higher than deputies in cars. Motorcycle deputies are assigned beats where they proactively work traffic complaints to improve neighborhood livability and safety. Motorcycle deputies go through extensive training and must pass a two week Basic Police Motor School. Motorcycle deputies train every month to maintain their skills and competency and they ride in all weather conditions except when the temperature falls below 36 degrees.


Along with the motorcycles, Traffic Car deputies enforce traffic laws, respond to traffic collisions and handle specific traffic related complaints from citizens.


SMART Trailer Deployment

In addition to manned traffic units, the team deploys the SMART trailer in neighborhoods, school zones, construction zones, and other locations to help promote compliance with the speed limit. The SMART trailer is an unmanned portable, self-contained speed display unit that is towed to the desired location. Once deployed, it displays speeds of oncoming vehicles on a highly visible LED display. A speed limit sign mounted on the unit reminds drivers of the speed limit. This unit also has the capability to record the speed data. The SMART trailer is well-received by the public, and gives drivers the opportunity to see how fast they are actually going and slow down, without receiving a citation.


Reporting Traffic Problems

The Sheriff's Office recognizes that one of the top concerns from citizens is traffic on neighborhood streets. To better respond to traffic problems in your neighborhood, we have a Traffic Hotline that will alert us to your concerns. Simply call (503) 846-3998 extension 1145 and leave a recorded message including the location, time, and problems you are encountering. You may also report Traffic Complaints via the web.


Traffic Safety is a Cooperative Endeavor

For more information, please visit the County Traffic Safety site, which describes efforts by other county departments and community partners on this important subject.