Human Resources

The Human Resources Division develops people and resources essential to the success of Washington County. We do this by:

  • Partnering with customers to provide a quality workforce that reflects
    the diversity of our community.
  • Making certain the workforce is appropriately classified and equitably
  • Ensuring equal opportunity.
  • Developing and implementing policies, procedures and programs that promote a positive, professional, respectful and productive work environment.

Our Guiding Principles

In fulfilling our responsibilities to the public, Board of Commissioners, and organization we commit to the following guiding principles:

Teamwork - We commit to collaborative and supportive relationships within the Division and to our customers. Open, constructive communication and problem solving will guide our professional relationships with one another. We accept conflicting ideas and perspectives as healthy and work to identify common goals and objectives. We strive to create and maintain an environment of trust, loyalty, and civility through open, honest and direct interaction with each other.

Customer Service - We commit to understanding and responding to the needs of our customers.
We will provide professional, knowledgeable and timely service.

Mission and Performance Directed - Pursuit of our mission is guided by the active management of individual and team performance. This includes active use of the performance evaluation process and the development of annual workplans.

Creativity and Innovation - We commit to on-going improvements in service delivery through creativity, best practices and technological innovation.

Diversity - We treat all people with dignity, honesty and respect. We will demonstrate through our actions an understanding and appreciation for cultural diversity and individual differences. We will not tolerate harassment or discrimination.

Stewardship and Sound Business Practices - We recognize the limits of our resources and will focus on the priority needs of the organization. We will minimize bureaucracy by making certain processes are efficiently designed and delivered.

Honor and value of public service - We believe in the honor and value of public service. Because of the unique responsibilities entrusted in us, we commit ourselves to the highest standards of ethical conduct and we accept full accountability for our actions.