Boards and Commissions Vacancies Spring 2021

Release date: 04/08/2021
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Various boards, committees and commissions advise the Board of Commissioners on matters of interest to people who live and work in Washington County. Committees themselves do not pass ordinances to establish policy; their purpose is to study issues and make recommendations.

Commission members are volunteers appointed by the County Board of Commissioners. In many cases, members must be residents of Washington County. Serving on an appointed board or commission is an opportunity for Washington County residents to participate in decisions that affect them and to learn more about how local government works.

Per Board of Commissioners procedures, the County Administrative Office is currently seeking applications from individuals who would like to serve on a County board or commission. As outlined in the "Recruitment, Selection and Appointment Process," there will be an opportunity for the Board to discuss appointments at an upcoming work session prior to scheduling any formal action.


Aging and Veteran Services Advisory Council – 6 positions available now and 6 positions available after Jun 30, 2021
Description:  Planning for future services and reviewing current programs are two key roles for these 19 volunteers (13 regular and 6 alternate members). Their community ties and personal or professional familiarity with issues facing seniors and veterans make them an invaluable resource for Washington County Disability, Aging & Veterans' Services and the Board of Commissioners. The Council advises the department on policy, programs, and actions affecting the delivery of services and generally serves as an advocate for veterans and older adults.
Member Description: Nineteen members (13 regular and 6 alternate) including: consumers over age 60, Minority, an elected official, Veterans Healthcare Provider, Veterans Provider, General Public, under 60 veteran and Rural
Term: 3 years
Time Commitment: 5 to 10 hours per month
Meetings: Usually the third Thursday of every other month, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
Contact: Janet Long, 503-846-3081


Audit Committee2 positions available after Jun 30, 2021

Description:  Independent oversight is critical to the effectiveness of financial statement audits. The Audit Committee monitors audits of the County's finances, in the belief that access to knowledgeable individuals help prevent an excessive reliance on the expertise of the external auditor.
Member Description: Five members who are knowledgeable of accounting and auditing as demonstrated by professional employment in accounting, auditing, or finance, including one appointee from the membership of the Board of County Commissioners.
Term: 3 Years

Time Commitment: The two meetings are scheduled for 90-minutes each and can run shorter (most likely) or longer (less likely). So total time commitment is three hours.

Meetings: One meeting after the start of the fiscal year (July) and prior to the start of field work (October). The second meeting is in January after the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) is issued and prior to the Board accepting the financial statements at their first meeting in February.
Contact: Jack Liang, 503-846-8756


Behavioral Health Council5 positions available after Mar 31, 2021

Description:  Identifies community needs, recommends funding priorities, and helps select and evaluate service providers. The County's emphasis on contracting with community agencies for social services makes the work of this volunteer advisory council critical.
Member Description: Comprised of nineteen members including recipients of service, advocates, professionals in the field, key referral sources, provider representatives, and lay citizens. Members are residents of the county or have work interests in the county.
Term: 3 years

Time Commitment: 2 to 3 hours per month

Meetings: Fourth Wednesday, 9:00 am to 11:00 am
Contact: Aika Fallstrom, 503-846-4576


Board of Property Tax Appeals – Hearing boards are drawn from an unlimited number of pool members; all pool member positions available after Jun 30, 2021

Description:  State law established the Board of Property Tax Appeals to consider taxpayer petitions challenging real market value, maximum assessed, specially assessed and assessed value as determined by the County Assessor. The Board also considers requests to excuse penalties assessed for the late filing of real and personal property returns.
Member Description: Members must be residents of the county and cannot be employees of the County or any taxing district within the county. Qualifications include knowledge of real estate, appraisal and assessment practices, patience, understanding and a sense of civic responsibility.
Term: 1 year

Time Commitment: Training – 1-4 days in December/January; Hearings – 2-3 days per week from February 1st to April 15th, 8:00am to 4:00pm, Monday-Friday (actual number of dates depends on appeal load).
Meetings: TBA
Contact: Margarita Lopez, 503-846-3913


Civil Service Commission – 2 positions available now and 3 positions available after May 31, 2021

Description:  The Civil Service Commission is comprised of five volunteers, one from each of the Commissioner districts, who provide a third-party review of the County's employment practices. The Civil Service Commission is the appeal board for Washington County employees and candidates for employment. Employees and candidates for employment may appeal to the Civil Service Commission adverse personnel management decisions such as appointments, disciplinary actions and classification allocations. The Commission hears and decides appeals by employees and candidates for employment.
Member Description: Five members who are registered voters within the county. No member of the Commission shall be a member of the governing body or an employee of the County or Clean Water Services except that any Commissioner may serve as a member of any other civil service commission.
Term: 2 years

Time Commitment: Quarterly meetings, others as necessary

Contact: Eva LaBonte, 503-846-4476


Columbia Pacific Economic Development District (Col-Pac) – 2 positions available now

Description:  The Columbia-Pacific Economic Development District (Col-Pac) is a private non-profit organization established to assist in diversifying and strengthening the economy and livability of Northwest Oregon. The District covers all of Clatsop, Columbia, and Tillamook counties and the western part of Washington County (including Banks, Cornelius, Forest Grove, Gaston, and North Plains). Col-Pac’s mission is to promote and sustain healthy communities in the district through retention, diversification and expansion of the economic base. The goal is healthy and thriving communities. A strong and diversified economic base that provides family-wage jobs is a significant component and contributor to healthy communities. Col-Pac's economic development activities focus on blending the natural resource-based industries in the region with new economic development opportunities that historically have not been part of the area's economy.

As an economic development district, Col-Pac provides capacity building, coordination, and establishment of basic economic development foundation building tools for NW Oregon.
Member Description: Governed by a 17-member volunteer Board of Directors, Col-Pac consists of local public and private leaders including representatives from county commissions, cities, ports, the private sector, workforce, and the minority community. Col-Pac also has a seven member Loan Administration Board that oversees the District's Revolving Loan Fund.
Term: 2 years

Meetings: March of each year
Contact: Sia Lindstrom, 503-846-8685


Fairgrounds Advisory Committee – 1 position available now; 1 position available after Apr 23, 2021

Description:  The Fairgrounds Advisory Committee provides input on the priorities and development of the Fairgrounds Master Plan, and other plans including capital projects, maintenance, non-fair marketing and other strategic initiatives. As advocates, this committee works with local partners and the community at-large to communicate and encourage participation in Fairground developments.
Member Description: Nine members who represent the county geographically and in fields of interest or occupation. Two members are ex officio: a member of the Board of Commissioners and the President of the Fair Board (or designee).
Term: 3 Years

Contact: Leah Perkins-Hagele, 503-648-1416


Farm Board of Review – 1 position available after Jun 30, 2021

Description:  The Farm Board of Review is an advisory panel to the County assessor. The Board meets every other year to inform the Assessor regarding farm land rents and other information pertaining to the valuation of farmland for property taxation as provided by Oregon law.
Member Description: Five members with a knowledge of agricultural land rents and current farming practices who are residents of the county. Two members are appointed by the Board of Commissioners, and two members are appointed by the County Tax Assessor. The other member is appointed by these four members.
Term: 2 years
Contact: Eric Olson, 503-846-3932


Garbage and Recycling Advisory Committee – 1 position available now and 2 positions available after Mar 31, 2021

Description:  A coordinated countywide program intended to ensure the safe, economical, and efficient collection, storage, transportation and disposal of garbage and recycling, and to ensure adequate standards of service for the garbage and recycling system. To assist the Board in achieving these objectives, the Board has appointed this advisory committee to make recommendations on garbage and recycling decisions and programs that impact all users of the garbage and recycling system.
Member Description: Ten members including: eight members representing the public, one member representing the garbage and recycling industry, and one representative of the County's Department Health and Human Services (a non-voting committee member).
Term: 4 years

Time Commitment: 2 to 3 hours per month

Meetings: Second Thursday, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Contact: Tom Egleston, 503-846-3665


Metzger Park Local Improvement District Advisory Board – 4 voting, 2 alternate positions available after Jun 30, 2021

Description:  Maintains a proud tradition of overseeing the only park in the County supported through a Local Improvement District. The Board plans and helps with park maintenance needs, deals with the administrative issues involved in running an active urban park.
Member Description: Nine members (seven regular and two alternates) who own property within the Metzger Park Local Improvement District.
Term: 3 years

Time Commitment: 1-2 hours per month, 4 times per year

Meetings: Fourth Monday at 7:00 p.m.
Contact: Carl Switzer, 503-846-7001


North Bethany County Service District for Roads Budget Committee – 3 positions available now and 1 position available after Jun 30, 2021

Description:  Reviews the proposed budget developed for the North Bethany County Service District for Roads in unincorporated Washington County.
Member Description: The Board of Commissioners plus five residents of the county. The five residents must live in the North Bethany CSDR.
Term: 3 years

Time Commitment: Approximately two three-hour meetings every May that total 6 hours; additional meetings may be added.

Meetings: One three-hour evening meeting the second week in May to receive the proposed budget; staff does an overview of the budget via a PowerPoint presentation. The start time is 5:30 p.m., presentations from the Sheriff's Office and Land Use & Transportation are given. The second meeting is a public hearing on a Thursday evening two weeks after the first meetings. This meeting typically takes the better part of three hours and there is a time certain at 7:00 p.m. when the public can testify. Upon completion of the staff presentations and any public testimony, the Budget Committee is asked to consider approving the proposed budget. There are some years when additional meeting(s) with the Budget Committee take place prior to the May meetings. These meetings are publicly noticed.
Contact: Jack Liang, 503-846-8756


Northwest Area Commission on Transportation (NWACT) – 2 positions available now

Description:  NWACT is an advisory body chartered by the Oregon Transportation Commission. NWACT addresses all aspects of transportation (surface, marine, air, and transportation safety) with primary focus on the state transportation system. NWACT considers regional and local transportation issues in northwest Oregon that affect the state system.

NWACT plays a key advisory role in the development of the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP), which schedules funded transportation projects. NWACT establishes a public process for area project selection priorities for the STIP. Through that process, they prioritize transportation problems and solutions and recommend projects in their area to be included in the STIP. Boundaries include, the entirety of Columbia, Clatsop and Tillamook counties and the western portion of Washington County including the cities of Banks and Gaston. The Washington County area includes Highway 47 to the southern city limits of Gaston excluding the city of Forest Grove, the east on US 26 and including the Dersham Road interchange.
Member Description: Two Citizen-At-Large representing western Washington County (including Banks and Gaston), selected by the county’s commissioners. Members are non-elected citizens selected from private interests including but not limited to freight, trucking, bicycle, pedestrian, public transportation system, public interest advocacy groups, environmental, land use, local citizens, business, education, minority organizations, public safety providers, non-profit organizations, etc.
Term: 2 years

Time Commitment: 1 to 2 hours per month

Meetings: Fourth Monday, 7:00 p.m.
Contact: Sia Lindstrom, 503-846-8685


Park and Recreation Advisory Board – 3 positions available after Jun 30, 2021

Description:  Provides advice on the maintenance, operations, and capital development needs of County parks, including Scoggins Valley Park/Henry Hagg Lake.
Member Description: Nine members who are residents of the county. Traditionally members appointed from all Commissioner districts.
Term: 3 years

Time Commitment: 2 to 3 hours, 6 times per year

Meetings: Third Thursday, 7:00 p.m.
Contact: Carl Switzer, 503-846-7001


Public Health Advisory Council – 3 positions available now

Description:  The Washington County Public Health Advisory Council (PHAC) has been appointed by the Washington County Board of Commissioners to fulfill any federal and state-mandated responsibilities and to advise the Board of Commissioners in its role as the Board of Health for Washington County. The Washington County Public Health Advisory Council will make recommendations to the Board of Commissioners and the Public Health Division Manager to improve the health and well-being of everyone in Washington County.
Member Description: The Council shall consist of a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 17 members representing many dimensions of the community and one non-appointed, non-voting position from the Washington County Board of Commissioners. The Public Health Advisory Council membership will seek to represent the whole community; members of communities that experience health and social inequities will be given preference for membership on the Council.
Term: 4 years

Time Commitment: 2 hours monthly

Meetings: At least 10 times annually; on the second Tuesday of each month from 5:30-7:30
Contact: Vivianna Lindley, 503-846-8246


Public Safety Coordinating Council – 3 positions available now

Description:  The Public Safety Coordinating Council is a statutorily mandated committee convened by the Washington County Board of Commissioners for the purpose of developing and recommending plans for the use of state resources respective to the coordination of local criminal justice and juvenile justice policy. Collaborative planning provides a countywide approach to enhancing communication and partnership among law enforcement, public safety, criminal justice agencies and the residents of the Washington County community. The developed plans include strategies to address prevention, treatment, education, employment resources and intervention services. The Public Safety Coordinating Council supports an overarching coordinated approach to public safety by reviewing emerging and best practices in policy development, restorative justice, racial and ethnic disparities in the system and community collaboration programs that maximize resources and minimize duplication. The plans supported by the Public Safety Coordinating Council are referred to the Board of County Commissioners for final approval.
Member Description: The Public Safety Coordinating Council is made up of 15 members required by statute, two of which are non-voting members. Three of the 15 positions are appointed by the Board of County Commissioners. Additional positions include the County Administrator and a member of the Bar Association, appointed by the presiding judge; and four additional lay community members preferably representatives from agencies that provide culturally specific services and/or members of communities of color, appointed by the Board of County Commissioners.
Term: 2 years

Time Commitment: 4 hours or less per month; slightly more when involved with subcommittees

Meetings: The Public Safety Coordinating Council meets six times per year; bimonthly beginning in January on the third Friday of the month from 1:00-3:00 PM.

Contact: Erin Calvert, 503-846-8685


Rural Roads Operations and Maintenance Advisory Committee (RROMAC) – 1 position available now

Description:  RROMAC studies rural road operations and maintenance concerns in Washington County, works with County staff to develop program and funding alternatives and makes recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners.
Member Description: Twelve members who reside or have business interests in the county, all of whom serve as regular members and are appointed by the Board of Commissioners. In addition, there are two ex-officio members: one Commissioner appointed by the Board of Commissioners, and the LUT Operations Division Manager. Members represent different groups with an interest in rural roads.
Term: 4 years

Time Commitment: Two hours per month

Meetings: Second Thursday, 7:30 a.m.
Contact: Sherri McFall, 503-846-7615


The application deadline is May 18, 2021 or open until filled. Applications may be obtained by visiting the Boards and Commissions website.


Tricia Kennedy, Sr. Administrative Specialist