Mobile Food Unit

The Environmental Health program is responsible for issuing licenses, conducting inspections, investigating foodborne illness and other complaints, and providing consultations for mobile food units operating in Washington County. Mobile food unit operations include food service businesses that operate from any vehicle that is self-propelled, or can be pulled or pushed down a sidewalk, street, highway or waterway, on which food is prepared, processed or converted, or which is used in selling and dispensing food to the end consumer. 

Mobile food units must operate from a licensed restaurant, commissary or warehouse unless the mobile food unit has a very limited menu and adequate equipment and utensils to operate without a base to support food service activities. A warehouse may only be used to store prepackaged goods.

For more information about the food code, visit the Food Code Adoption page. 


Forms and Applications


Plan Review Forms

New or remodeled mobile food units are required to submit plans for review and approval prior to licensing.               

Licensing Forms

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