Washington County, Oregon

Washington County, OR

Comment on a Project

Public notice is required for some development applications. Case files open for comment can be found below. Information can be sorted by column. Click/tap on case file numbers for more information, including mailed public notices and map locations.

Official communication can be provided in writing (mail or email) or by testifying at hearings. Written comments are only accepted when the sender’s full name, mailing address, company/organization and additional contact information is included.

Please note:

  • The comment period for Type II actions is limited to 14 days from the date the public notice is mailed.
  • The comment period for Type III actions begins the date the public notice is mailed through the public hearing.


Submit Your Comment:

Please submit your comments below. Public comments will only be accepted for those casefiles that are open for public comment. If you have additional information or items that you'd like to be considered, they may be submitted in person or via U.S. Mail at the address below.

Current Planning
Land Use & Transportation Department
Washington County
155 N. First Ave, MS13
Hillsboro, OR 97124

For your comment to be considered a part of the official record, a valid mailing address is required