Transportation Projects

From/To Activity
Estimated Completion
121st Avenue Tippitt Place/Whistlers Loop Design 12/30/2022
139th Avenue (FY 2020-22 Pedestrian Improvement) Walker Road/Derby Street Design 12/31/2022
170th Avenue (FY 2020-22 Pedestrian Improvement) /Florence Street Design 08/31/2022
170th Avenue and Farmington Road Intersection Safety Improvements /Intersection Construction 09/30/2021
174th Avenue north (FY 2020-22 Pedestrian Improvement) Solano Lane/Lapaloma Lane Design 12/31/2022
174th Avenue south (FY 2020-22 Pedestrian Improvement) Sandpines Lane/Bronson Road Design 12/31/2022
179th Avenue (FY 2018-20 URMD Pedestrian Project) Ivy Glenn Drive/Farmington Road Design 12/31/2021
192nd Avenue (FY 2020-22 Pedestrian Improvement) Trelane Street/Tualatin Valley Highway Design 07/29/2022
209th Avenue (Alexander to Kinnaman) Kinnaman Road/Alexander Street Design 03/31/2023
25th Avenue and Cornell Road Intersection /Cornell Road Design 12/31/2022
74th Avenue (FY 2020-22 Pedestrian Improvement) 7680 SW 74th Ave./Alden Street Design 05/31/2022
Alden Street (FY 2020-22 Pedestrian Improvement) 80th Avenue/74th Avenue Design 05/31/2022
Alexander Street (FY 2017-18 URMD Safety Improvement) 198th Avenue/209th Avenue Design 09/30/2022
Augusta Lane (FY 2016-17 URMD Safety Improvement) Pheasant Lane/Chatelain Drive Construction 09/30/2021
Augusta Lane Pedestrian Bridge / Construction 09/30/2021
Basalt Creek Parkway Extension Grahams Ferry Road/Boones Ferry Road Design 12/31/2024
Blanton Street (FY 2020-22 Pedestrian Improvement) 198th Avenue/185th Avenue Design 12/31/2022
Century Boulevard Extension Main Street/Lois Street Design 09/30/2023
Century Boulevard/TV Highway Intersection /Tualatin Valley Highway Design 05/31/2022
Cornelius Pass Road Tualatin Valley Highway/Frances Street Design 12/31/2023
Cornelius Pass Road Bridge Over Rock Creek Bridge at Rock Creek/Bridge at Rock Creek Design 12/31/2023
Cornell Road 102nd Avenue/113th Avenue Design 02/28/2023
Downing Street (FY 2020-22 Pedestrian Improvement) Meadow Drive/Murray Boulevard Design 12/31/2022
Durham Road and Upper Boones Ferry Road ITS I-5 Southbound/OR-99W Construction 12/31/2021
Farmington and River Roads Intersection /Intersection Design 06/30/2022
Filbert Street (FY 2020-22 Pedestrian Improvement) Murray Boulevard/Saltzman Road Design 06/30/2022
Finnigan Hill Road culvert project end of pavement/Culvert 50675 Construction 09/30/2021
Florence Street (FY 2020-21 Gain Share) 175th Avenue/165th Avenue Design 08/31/2022
Gales Creek and Thatcher roads intersection /Intersection Design 11/30/2022
Jackson School Road Evergreen Road/Grant Street Design 12/31/2022
Main Street/Banks Road/Cedar Canyon Road Intersection / Design 03/31/2023
Martin Road (Highway 47 to Verboort) Highway 47/Verboort Road Design 12/31/2022
Meadow Drive Pioneer Road/Walker Road Design 12/31/2022
OR 47/Fern Hill Road/Maple Street /Intersection Design 12/31/2024
Park Way (FY 2020-22 Pedestrian Improvement) Walker Road/Devonshire Drive Design 12/31/2022
Phillips Road Bridge Replacement /west of Dick Road Design 10/31/2021
Pongratz Road bridge replacement /Witcher Creek Design 10/29/2021
Pongratz Road culvert replacement Pihl Road/Tolke Road Planning 09/30/2021
Road maintenance FY 2021-22 / Construction 06/30/2022
Roy Rogers Road Scholls Ferry Road/Bull Mountain Road Construction 12/31/2021
Roy Rogers Road (Borchers Drive to Chicken Creek) Borchers Drive/Chicken Creek bridge Design 03/31/2024
Saltzman Road (Laidlaw Road to Bayonne Lane) Laidlaw Road/Bayonne Lane Design 12/31/2022
Scholls Ferry Road (FY 2020-22 Pedestrian Improvement) Laurelwood Avenue/77th Avenue Design 12/31/2022
Springville Road (Phase 3) Kaiser Road/Joss Avenue Construction 08/20/2021
Springville Road (Phase 4) PCC Rock Creek/Joss Avenue Design 12/31/2024
Stringtown Road Bridge Prickett Road/Sylvia Lane Design 12/31/2022
Thompson Road Saltzman Road/Circle A Drive Design 08/31/2022
Tualatin-Sherwood Road Teton Avenue/Langer Farms Parkway Design 10/31/2025
Tualatin-Sherwood Road - Roy Rogers Road /Highway 99W Crossing Construction 05/31/2024
Walker Road - Phase 2 Butner Road/Schendel Avenue Design 12/31/2023
Walker Road Phase 3 (173rd Avenue to 185th Avenue) 173rd Avenue/185th Avenue Design 12/31/2023
Walker Road/Murray Boulevard Intersection /Murray Boulevard Design 12/31/2024